Wilfred Hahn MBA

Global Strategist and Chief Compliance Officer

Having worked in the global financial and investment industry during a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Wilfred brings unparalleled experience to the investment team. Extensive travels have brought Wilfred to 60 countries around the world, allowing him a unique perspective on global developments and the opportunity to maintain an international network of contacts.

Prior to founding Forstrong Global, Wilfred was head of the Global Investment Group of the Royal Bank of Canada. The group’s many clients around the world included pension funds, corporations, mutual fund unit-holders and private individuals. Wilfred holds an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.

Wilfred likes to unwind from a hectic day at the office by listening to his favourite ’70’s and ‘80’s progressive rock artists. Living in British Columbia’s burgeoning wine region affords him ample opportunity to sample many delicious local wines.