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Ask Forstrong: Reddit’s Rage

Feb 9, 2021

Social media platforms take center stage as r/WallStreetBets channels it’s Reddit commentary to prop up stocks impacted by the pandemic and targeted by hedge fund short-sellers. In this podcast Rob Duncan sits down with Forstrong’s CEO & CIO, Tyler Mordy, to discuss this incredible phenomenon and how situations like this have played out in the past. While it received incredible headlines, investors should focus on what is really driving portfolio returns.  

Is it Time to Learn the Charleston?

Jan 19, 2021

Rob Duncan sits down with Forstrong’s CEO/CIO, Tyler Mordy, to talk about the year that was 2020, our outlook for 2021, and why we need to learn the Charleston in what could be seen as our generations roaring 20’s.

Ask Forstrong: You, Me and MMT (Modern Monetary Theory)

December 10, 2020

Is it possible to have unlimited money? If so, is that a good thing or a bad thing? 

Rob Duncan sits down with Forstrong’s CEO/CIO, Tyler Mordy, to talk about Modern Monetary Theory and why this new way of thinking could create new economic realities to increase growth globally. We break this theory down into its basic building blocks and challenge traditional thinking to see opportunities where others do not. 

Portfolio Update: Rock, Paper or Scissors

September 30, 2020

Your Global Thinking host, Rob Duncan, sits down with Forstrong’s CIO, Tyler Mordy, to discuss Covid’s impact on markets, policy and their investment outlook. While a second wave forms and concerns over another shutdown looms, Tyler explains why these outcomes would be less impactful and how a paradigm shift in policy will power growth going forward.  If you would like to access the slides, please reach out to your Forstrong contact. 

Forstrong Global Thinking – Q3 Portfolio Update

July 3, 2020

Here we are again, as if nothing much has changed since mid-February. Never mind that the very existence and survival of the entire human race had been threatened in the interim. Most global equity markets have recovered the vast majority of their year-to-date losses, and in fact, the risk-on rally now appears to be broadening into additional sectors and asset classes. In this update Rob sits down with Forstrong’s portfolio manager David Kletz to discuss the current state of financial markets and the corresponding changes recently implemented in client portfolios.

Forstrong Macro Update with Franklin Templeton

Jun 19, 2020

Rob Duncan sits down with Michael Greenberg, Vice President & Portfolio Manager for Franklin Templeton Multi-Asset Solutions. Over the course of 30 minutes they discuss their portfolio positioning throughout the pandemic, the shape of the recovery and whether investor FOMO has dislocated markets from reality. While market challenges remain, Michael highlights opportunities within global credit, European equities and how investors are eagerly awaiting a dip.

Ask Forstrong: Setting the Record Straight on Bond ETFs with Mark Noble and Horizons ETFs

Mar 31, 2020

Rob Duncan sits down with Horizons Executive Vice President of ETF Strategy, Mark Noble, to discuss why the recent spike in volatility has resurfaced old myths and misconceptions about fixed income ETFs. We get back to basics on their structure and mechanics to explain how they provide price discovery and liquidity, even in times of stress.

Ask Forstrong: Investing in the Time of Coronavirus

Mar 26, 2020

Coronavirus and all its catchphrases – flattening the curve, social distancing and so on – has taken a wrecking ball to daily routines. Working from home has brought new challenges. Calendars have been emptied and commute times cut. But occupational hazards have emerged: cabin fever, the close proximity of the cookie jar and, for some of us, new colleagues of the Crayola-wielding kind. 

Rob Duncan sits down with Forstrong’s President and CIO, Tyler Mordy, to talk about their recent portfolio rebalance and how they are positioning in the face of an unprecedented and historical stimulus package. 

Ask Forstrong: Misinformation Going Viral

Feb 27, 2020

Corona virus fears finally pierced investor consciousness and markets have sold off dramatically this week. Rob Duncan sits down with Forstrong’s President and CIO, Tyler Mordy, to discuss the market reaction and potential impact to growth going forward. How will this impact global GDP? Does this change our view?

2020 Outlook with Kevin McCreadie and AGF Management

Jan 6, 2020

Rob Duncan sits down with AGF’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Kevin McCreadie, to review their 2020 Outlook and why he thinks this investment cycle could go into extra innings. From investment prospects in Canada, US election outcomes, increasing EM exposure and even space travel. Over the course of 30 minutes, we cover everything you need to start the year off right. 

Forstrong Monthly Dashboard: Are Stocks Earning Their Keep?

Dec 16, 2019

Rob Duncan sits down with Forstrong’s Vice President and Portfolio Manager, David Kletz, to review the recent market rally, phase 1 US/China trade deal and UK elections impact on Brexit. While we see markets getting ahead of themselves, most can be warranted with the removal of key risks heading into the new year. Still, several things to consider.

Ask Forstrong: Macro Update with Clement Gignac and Industrial Alliance

Nov 19, 2019

Rob Duncan speaks with Clement Gignac, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at IA Financial Group, to discuss his outlook on global markets, recent events and where he is investing. In this action packed podcast you will hear opinions on Brexit, optimism around the US/China trade war, synchronized global rate cuts, the ECB transition and why a minority Canadian government will be good for markets. 

Ask Forstrong: A Postcard from China

Oct 29, 2019

After arriving into Beijing’s bustling international airport, the point was again driven home. Evidence of progress and modernization is everywhere as China has been the worlds fastest growing economy for three decades.  I sit down with our President and CIO, Tyler Mordy, to discuss his investor trip to China, key observations and answer questions from our investors. 

Macro Update with Kurt Reiman and BlackRock Canada

Oct 2, 2019

I sit down with Kurt Reiman, Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at BlackRock Canada, to discuss their recent market outlook and three key investment themes. From the impact of protectionism to the implications of lower rates globally, we discuss how to invest in a world with heightened uncertainty.

Forstrong Monthly Dashboard September 2019

Sep 17, 2019

Vice President and Portfolio Manager, David Kletz, discusses his recent monthly portfolio dashboard titled “Peak Trade Wars”.  Trade wars continue to be a key market theme, but have their impacts been exhausted and how do we see Trump positioning for his pending campaign trail.

Macro Update with Mark Noble and Horizons ETFs

Aug 29, 2019

We sit down with Mark Noble, Senior Vice President of ETF Strategy at Horizons ETFs, to discuss how markets have performed, ETF trends, fixed income crowding, investing for economic growth and how to keep your kids busy in the summer. Mark also highlights some strategies worth paying attention to now;…

“Buy America” Now A Heavily Crowded Trade

Jul 30, 2019

The first half of 2019 has been all about America. US Large Caps have trounced their global counterparts, making portfolio diversification seem like a rather quaint idea. Now, positioning in US equities, treasuries and the dollar sit at highs in the face of stumbling economic growth.  

At times like this, it is always…

What Could Go Right?

Jul 5, 2019

In this podcast, I sit down with David Kletz, Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Forstrong, to review recent client concerns, what has been driving markets year-to-date and Forstrong’s portfolio positioning heading into Q3. With heightened anxiety over what could go wrong, we talk about what could…