Recession Watch Ongoing

“Five Minute Macro” Video Series – July 7th, 2022

The market remains fixated on the prospect of an imminent recession. But investors should remember that this has not been a traditional economic cycle: we just witnessed the mother of all V-shaped recoveries out of Covid lows. Slowing growth should not be surprising.

What’s more, markets are forward-looking mechanisms, quickly pricing in the probable future. Under that view, much market adjustment has already occurred to reflect recession fears.

In this episode of Forstrong’s 5 Minute Macro, host John Teskey is joined by Tyler Mordy, CEO & CIO of Forstrong Global, to discuss:

  • What signals are the market providing about the coming economic environment?
  • Is a recession a foregone conclusion?
  • Where is investment leadership likely to take hold?

In addition, Forstrong’s mid-year update webinar is scheduled for July 13, 2022.  Please register via link below:

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