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We are an investment manager using a distinct global macro approach to control risk.

Rather than the traditional stock-picking approaches, we invest in global themes utilizing ETFs that our proprietary research identifies for outperformance. This top-down macro approach is managed by a seasoned team of investment professionals with over 200 years of collective experience in global markets. We offer discretionary management services for institutions, family offices, foundations and private investors.


We ask the questions that matter, to see what nobody else is seeing.

Forstrong’s active macro approach is designed to look beyond the obvious indicators to anticipate the second and third order effects of significant economic and geopolitical trends. Investment scenarios are then developed to reflect these views. Our time-tested top down process then guides us to a mix of asset classes from around the world.


New global realities mean that a trend somewhere is now a trend everywhere.

For over two decades, our macro strategies have safely stewarded client assets through an increasingly globalized and interconnected world that continually challenges investors. Our global ETF portfolios rely on multiple layers of risk protection  to deliver results that are distinct from the common benchmark-centric approaches.


For over 20 years, Forstrong’s actively managed global strategies have helped Canadian families, financial professionals, and institutional investors realize  safer, more predictable returns

These multi-asset strategies offer investors access to a diverse spectrum of asset types from around the world. Our multidisciplinary investment process provides investors a range of options for modulating risk and achieving their investment objectives.


Forstrong’s investment team produces weekly content that is derived from the comprehensive, top-down proprietary research that we conduct. These insights are used by financial professionals to provide valuable context to the widely available bottom-up market commentary they receive.


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